Collection: Warmth & Acceptance

With the renewal of Hayden Wilson's residency at the Gallery, she created three large-scale paintings to represent each stylistic category she developed in her previous year as resident artist. These styles showcase not only her range of technical execution and interest in subject matter, but they also display her growth as an artist and confidence in expression. 

In Hayden's A Closer Look, she invites you to contemplate the authentic versus the artificial; the manufactured versus the organic. In this, Hayden expresses how mechanical and technical artmaking can be while she meticulously and carefully mixes colors to paint in this photorealistic style.

Morning by Morning, the largest painting of Hayden's portfolio to-date, and is a photorealistic style landscape full of the warm orange glow of the late summer sunrise of her neighborhood's marsh view. This painting welcomes you to walk in its vastness and seize the day.

New Marshes I See represents Hayden's looser style of painting where she aims to capture less detail and focus instead on directional brushstrokes to achieve the light and color of our landscape. This view is the same as Morning by Morning, but at a different time of year; even though the lines and details are not as crisp, New Marshes I See is a warm, welcoming respite in the dreary cold of winter, when we can still find the changing marsh seasons of the Lowcountry are filled with excitement, beauty, and discovery.

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