Collection: Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson | Charleston, SC
Scott Henderson grew up in Columbia, SC before moving to Charleston to study psychology at The Citadel.  He took a special interest in Gestalt Psychology because of its theories of human visual perception.  Learning how people “read” a visual image sparked an interest in capturing images using these theories as inspiration and compositions. After graduating, Scott studied traditional capture photography at the Gibbes Museum in Charleston and built his own darkroom to allow him the time and space to explore and refine his art.  The slow process of hand pulling images helped him to see and develop his own vision and style.  He has since studied with world-renowned experts in the field of photography and is known as an expert in digital photography and fine art printing.
His current body of work explores the limits of how a photograph is defined.  In the Painting with Light series, he is utilizing a camera to create impressionistic work that focuses on how color and form make us feel. He utilizes neutral density filters typically used for astro-photography to slow down the camera and shoot long exposure daytime scenes of the Lowcountry.  He studies the primary lines of the landscape and moves the camera along them. His technique creates an image that captures enough detail to engage the mind while still allowing your mind to fill in the details of time and place.  The colors pull from happy places, such as the first greens of spring or the last pinks in a fading sunset. Together, the color and form create a feeling in his work that has a peaceful energy.
Scott splits his time creating the visual assets for a number of corporate clients and creating fine art photography of the incredible architecture and landscapes throughout the world, including his beloved Lowcountry.  His work has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions throughout the US, and his fine art photography is in private and corporate collections around the world. 

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