Collection: Joe Fishburne

 Joe Fishburne | Charleston, SC
Joe Fishburne has been in the graphic design & art direction field for over 20 years, and he likes to say art has always been his shadow. As a child, Joe loved taking pencil to paper and sketch or pick up a brush and paint. It gave him a sense of calm and allowed him to dive deep into his imagination. In 2005, Joe started his interest in photography when his daughter was born, and he continued to learn, study and research its science and craft. Joe has been a professional photographer for 12 years with an interest in architecture, interiors, landscapes and nature. Photography as an art form is not just an image but an idea created in the mind and captured. It is truly brought to life when printed on a medium and finished in a frame and displayed. 
"As a native Charlestonian, I have a strong connection to the Lowcountry and all it oers. The experience I feel when I’m photographing the forests, marshes, creeks and ocean along with the sounds and smells it provides, brings me back to the calmness I experienced as a child allowing me to focus on my imagination. I’m truly blessed to be able to share my Lowcountry experiences through my artwork and hope they are enjoyed by many."

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