Collection: Ryan Finley

Ryan Finley | Charleston, SC

Ryan Finley is a multi-disciplinary artist who specializes in fine art paintings, murals, and custom design work. In every medium, she aims to create work that feels timeless, friendly, and narrative.

Ryan graduated from the University of South Carolina with a major in visual communications where she primarily concentrated on photography and graphic design. With this, Ryan loves making a cocktail of vintage-inspired, eclectic, and contemporary work that feels both fresh and familiar. Her paintings are especially influenced by film photography with its softness, warmth, and sense of nostalgia.

She is fascinated by visual storytelling and making work that is memorable and authentic. Additionally, as an artist who primarily does custom artwork, her goal is to build relationships just as much as she wants to create art.

"There is nothing more precious to me than the fact that we are created with the ability to create. Being able to make art that connects people, moves them, or brings light to someone’s vison wrecks me in the best sort of way,” Ryan remarks.

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