Collection: Emil Hristov

Emil Hristov | Charleston, SC
Educated at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, Emil Hristov is now living and working in the Charleston area. Drawing on both classical and modern influences for inspiration, his work reflects a blending of different cultures and perspectives.
The main centerpieces of Emil's work are oysters, because he sees the oyster itself is a piece of art and source of inspiration. Using acrylic paint and various techniques, Emil focuses on creating a more striking perspective of the well-known and beloved oyster. Not just as a food but more as a powerful, bold, and colorful piece of art. The dabbing technique he uses adds texture and movement to create a richness with nuance and color.
 "My intent in painting is to create striking and modern pieces, but I do like for the viewer to interpret the artwork for themselves, as each person will have a unique view. This is my main goal; I want to give people something they can take away with them."