Collection: Pamela Wingard

 Pamela Wingard | Charlotte, NC
Pamela Wingard grew up in a small town in the Midwest where she read lots of books, drew in her sketchbook and traveled with her family. Later in life she moved to Charlotte, NC where she currently lives and paints. With a degree in graphic design, she took to oil painting later in life, studying under various artists and learning a variety of techniques.
Now, she focuses on painting abstract landscapes, inspired by her favorite travels. Pamela paints to capture an emotion, the 'feel' of a place. Whether a marsh, a vineyard, or the ocean, the beauty of nature makes her feel at peace. She leans into the imperfections of bold, expressionistic brushstrokes, layers, and line. She likes to compare her process of painting to how she lives her life: spontaneously, letting the natural moment speak louder than any specific techniques.
"With my art, I hope to connect with and inspire others, while adding a little happiness to the world."

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