Collection: Cindy Saadeh

Cindy Saadeh | Charleston, SC

Cindy Saadeh is an accomplished oil painter inspired by light and how it interacts with the sky, clouds, and water. She trained in Montpellier, France, where she had her first of many art exhibitions. Since her training, Cindy grew and shifted in her style, using her foundational skills in realism and understanding of light to evolve to a more abstract style.

“The oil and cold wax pieces have a lot of texture, and it’s fun to put in varying points of interest for the viewer to discover. I also like to give the viewer something to imagine when they look at my work–hoping they connect to it in their own way.”

Cindy co-founded I'On art group in Mount Pleasant and helped initiate, organize, and manage several art festivals and events in both Charleston, South Carolina and Kingsport, Tennessee. While living in Kingsport, Cindy owned an art gallery for 13 years.

She and her husband recently returned to Charleston, where Cindy declares the light shines warm and bright and there is plenty of inspiration for painting. If Cindy isn’t creating artwork, you can often find her diving or enjoying the beach. She donates 10% of her sales to The Ocean Cleanup, an organization that works to rid the ocean of plastic.

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