Collection: Linda Calla

Linda Calla | Charleston, SC

Linda Calla’s artistic creations celebrate our coastal landscape. She uses local and found objects, lush florals and marine animals in the process of her work.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Linda was inspired by her artist mother and grandfather.  Spending time on the east coast and visiting the seashore each summer with her family, the beautiful shades of the sea and the abundant florals of the landscape were imprinted on her memories and have become the foundation of her artistic work.

Linda is now an artist living and working in Charleston, South Carolina. Every day, she finds inspiration in her surroundings and looks for opportunities to create.  Her cyanotypes celebrate an interplay of indigo and coastal motifs. Utilizing the textures of handmade paper, natural forms and sunshine, she creates unique shades, shapes and shadows. Linda also creates signature Gyotaku prints, a traditional Japanese printing method of documenting local catches, which traces back to the eighteen-hundreds. Working with local fisherman and her grandson for fresh catches, she inks the fish and hand prints on traditional rice paper. With additional hand detailing, each piece expresses the beauty of our local marine life.

Linda’s work is contemporary while evoking a sense of place and tranquility.



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