Collection: Hayden Wilson

Hayden Wilson | Charleston, SC
Hayden is creating in the Gallery’s studio space, capturing the scenery and the technicolor of life on the coast.
“The intentions of my paintings are to celebrate the various textures, colors, and spaces of a living scene or object by incorporating intense saturated colors and strategic marks; the captivating works combine the highly technical with the naturally organic. I invite viewers to consider the possibility that naturally existing colors evolve and are experienced on a wider spectrum depending on lighting, setting, and mood. I strive to make the quiet areas where colors collide have their own exciting moments.”
Hayden is a South Carolina native who received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree from Clemson University with a focus in oil painting.  Charleston is her home and each of her works of art celebrate nature’s coloration, light and energy that is so treasured in the Lowcountry.

Hayden is a wonderful addition to the experience of the Gallery and its Resident Artist Program. She enjoys sharing her artistic and visual stories of our beautiful locale. Her studio schedule provides weekly opportunities to learn about her creative process.


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