Collection: Chris Gwozdo

Chris Gwozdo | Summerville, SC
Chris Gwozdo hand carves charcuterie boards, centerpieces, live edge tables and Charleston tiki men. Each original piece is inspired by the beautifully unique grain and figure of the wooden boards Chris salvages from all over the US. He looks for raw materials that are an art form in and of themselves, showcasing natural color, striation and history.
His work is carefully designed, balanced, sanded and finished to highlight the wood’s natural beauty. Every wood piece is sanded smooth to 7000 grit and finished with 100% pure tung oil and natural beeswax, being food safe.
Chris often signs his work with a hand carved Celtic trinity knot, representing the three domains of earth, sea and sky and the mind, body and spirit.
Chris has been a wood worker for over 20 years and practices his craft in Summerville, South Carolina. His workshop is on his family farm, shared with his wife, two children, four sheep, various chickens and ducks and Bear, his lab/Dane mix. 

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