Collection: Diane Odachowski

Diane Odachowski |  Charleston, SC

Growing up Diane was greatly influenced by her grandfather who was a famous international fashion designer. At an early age, she developed a fond appreciation for drawing. She formalized her love of art with a degree from DuCret School of the Arts and continued her studies at The Art Institute in Atlanta, The University of Cincinnati, the University of Buffalo and the New Jersey School of Visual Arts.

Moving to Charleston in 1996, she furthered her schooling with art classes at the College of Charleston and the Gibbes Art Center. Diane’s work has also been influenced through workshops and classes with many renowned artists. This diverse exposure to expert’s fine art techniques has fostered the development of her own personal style.

Diane has worked in watercolor and pastel, but now considers herself an oil painter. Often working in plein aire, she specializes in landscapes and architecture.  Her artistic strength lies in the use of color and its relationship to the play of light and shadow. Diane has been a juried award-winning artist whose works are held in private collections across the country and abroad.

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